Importance of Student Interaction

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As 2020 being a pandemic year schools were in a lockdown for one year. Education psychology focuses on the student relationship. You can’t learn a subject without teacher’s involvement that increases knowledge on the subject. Interaction is where two or more people connect on a topic. Education system mostly demands student interaction than just listening to the instructor. Student interaction could be the best tool for learning.

Student interaction is one of the skills for improving problem solving & critical thinking skills. The interaction of students in the classroom improves their thinking capacity, raising new doubts, most importantly it increases learning capability. Giving an opportunities to students to work in groups which improves their communication skills. Student interaction in the classrooms leads to efficient teaching in numerous ways and also helps in bonding among the students. Classroom interaction includes the learning process, group discussions, storytelling, and interactive sessions to construct innovative learning skills / learning communication skills.

The Teacher’s role is also very crucial in student interactions. Teachers can extract responses from students & motivate them to come out with their new ideas. By classroom interaction students get involved themselves into different concepts & ideas. This helps learners to identify their own learning methods. Classroom interaction helps in increasing their communication skills among themselves. It helps in probing the prior learning ability and their way of conceptualizing ideas & facts. Student centered classrooms provide adequate time to think about the concepts, participate in the debate that may guide them towards the basic knowledge on the topic by different opinions from students.

Teacher interactions with students create classrooms more helpful to meet student development & effective learning.

Student interactions are very important for the development in academics and enhancing their enthusiasm & success. Interacting with other people has proven to be quite effective in learning to organize their thoughts, reflect their understanding.

Interactions give learners the opportunity to use language and measure their progress which in turn leads to increase in their motivation.

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