6 Foods to Boost Your Childs Immunity

Coronavirus has put the whole world into a standstill. The age group of children is more susceptible to the virus. Hence, here are few immunity boosters when included in daily meals can help your child fight diseases like COVID-19 1. Leafy Vegetables Vegetables, for example, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, parsley, kale, lettuce and particularly green […]

10 Things to Consider on How to Choose the Best School for your Kid

As parents, providing quality education to the kids remains a top priority. With the rapidly growing number of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools all around us, how does one choose the one that most closely fits the particular needs of your child? There are many important factors that require to be considered to settle on [...]

How to improve social skills in kids?

Any human is a social creature! As adults, we wish to go out, mingle, hang out and invest energy with our companions or family. That is on the grounds that we comprehend its estimation. Correspondingly, as a parent we need our children to mingle. Be a piece of social gatherings, exercises and adjust different social […]

Structured Thinking Promotes Better Learning Outcomes in Children

Have you ever thought in case you knew all of the components of a recipe without knowing whilst and the way to use them to make the dish, how a number of your high-quality dishes would possibly have grown to become out? The consequences sincerely wouldn’t be something that you could proudly flaunt for your […]

Should Co-Curricular activities have the same emphasis as academics ?

Co-curricular activities – co-curricular activities have a great importance with time & acquire asignificant impact along with curriculum academics. There is a scope to balance two domains toensure a holistic learning experience of every individual. Extra curricular activities help them to develop their skills & attitude. It shapes the overalldevelopment of every individual to shape […]

Special Children Schooling Tips For Parents

Raising kids is one of the biggest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Some of the schooling tips for parent are – 1 .Boosting your child’s self esteem – Your tone of voice, your body language, and every expression of your’s are absorbed by your kids. Your words and actions as a parent affect […]

15 Indoor Games For Your Child

Kids are stuck inside to play. There are tons of other reasons why outdoor play may not be an option. Many times we prioritize & play with children. 1. Sticky note wall bop – Attach sticky notes for a door & write a different letter on each other. Make a start line a feet away […]

Importance of Student Interaction

As 2020 being a pandemic year schools were in a lockdown for one year. Education psychology focuses on the student relationship. You can’t learn a subject without teacher’s involvement that increases knowledge on the subject. Interaction is where two or more people connect on a topic. Education system mostly demands student interaction than just listening […]

Importance of Skill Education in Schools

It is well said, “Education is more important but skill is the most important”. What are Life Skills? A set of basic rules that are gained through learning or with direct experiences in life are termed as Life Skills. These skills enable groups and individuals to tackle various types of issues & problems effectively which […]

Why are international schools better?

International schools are getting increasingly more mainstream in India. Parents are beginning to see the away from of concentrating in a international school for their kids. 1) International Environment Perhaps the greatest strength of international schools are its worldwide surroundings where students and teachers from all over the globe assemble. With this improving variety can […]