Should Co-Curricular activities have the same emphasis as academics ?

Co-curricular activities – co-curricular activities have a great importance with time & acquire asignificant impact along with curriculum academics. There is a scope to balance two domains toensure a holistic learning experience of every individual. Extra curricular activities help them to develop their skills & attitude. It shapes the overalldevelopment of every individual to shape […]

Special Children Schooling Tips For Parents

Raising kids is one of the biggest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Some of the schooling tips for parent are – 1 .Boosting your child’s self esteem – Your tone of voice, your body language, and every expression of your’s are absorbed by your kids. Your words and actions as a parent affect […]

15 Indoor Games For Your Child

Kids are stuck inside to play. There are tons of other reasons why outdoor play may not be an option. Many times we prioritize & play with children. 1. Sticky note wall bop – Attach sticky notes for a door & write a different letter on each other. Make a start line a feet away […]

Importance of Student Interaction

As 2020 being a pandemic year schools were in a lockdown for one year. Education psychology focuses on the student relationship. You can’t learn a subject without teacher’s involvement that increases knowledge on the subject. Interaction is where two or more people connect on a topic. Education system mostly demands student interaction than just listening […]

Importance of Skill Education in Schools

It is well said, “Education is more important but skill is the most important”. What are Life Skills? A set of basic rules that are gained through learning or with direct experiences in life are termed as Life Skills. These skills enable groups and individuals to tackle various types of issues & problems effectively which […]

Why are international schools better?

International schools are getting increasingly more mainstream in India. Parents are beginning to see the away from of concentrating in a international school for their kids. 1) International Environment Perhaps the greatest strength of international schools are its worldwide surroundings where students and teachers from all over the globe assemble. With this improving variety can […]

Parents’ Role in Helping Students with E-learning, as Suggested by the Best CBSE School

The current pandemic is expected to not just have enormous economic consequences but it is also having a devastating impact on global education. In order to continue teaching-learning practices, schools have resorted to an imperfect yet quick solution to this crisis. Several schools have embarked on technological platforms to deliver online learning programs to the […]

The Impact of Digital Classrooms on Learning

Perhaps the greatest effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown has been on the education sector. Schools have been closed to forestall the spread of the infection and this has offered approach to online study halls, an extremely new idea in India in any event, for the most advanced schools. It is admirable […]

How to Help Children Balance Studies and Extracurricular Activities

 The buzz word- ‘all-rounder’ has become the aim of most of the parents for their kids. Achieving the same has become an aim for the kids. But in the race of achieving more, extracurricular activities have plunged soar high. Children participate in multiple activities and keep themselves busy throughout. Achieving all, with no compromise with […]

Online Classes And The Influence Of Technology in Education

Technology has a significant effect on all facets of lives. Education is no alien to it! In its way, technology has brought about a tremendous change in the outlook towards the education system. Over 500 years back when printing was invented, it brought a new face of the education system with the introduction of books […]

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