Importance of Skill Education in Schools

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It is well said, “Education is more important but skill is the most important”.

What are Life Skills?

A set of basic rules that are gained through learning or with direct experiences in life are termed as Life Skills. These skills enable groups and individuals to tackle various types of issues & problems effectively which are commonly faced in standard of living. They’re the talents for adaptive & positive behaviour that enable masses to cater to every life challenges & situations effectively. One needs them to form the foremost out of life. In short, any skill which is beneficial in life is considered as a life skill.

Talking about school children, these rules also equip students to thrive within the classroom & to the world outside.

Why are Life Skills important?

Life Skills are important as these bring positive effects within the lifetime of a personal. In 21st century, these skills are essential to achieve success not just for a healthy society but also for successful individuals. Thus, it’s important to evolve skill training among children from an early age itself.

What is Life Skills Education?

Activities like critical thinking, creative art & craft work, decision-making, problem-solving, a capability to collaborate & communicate together with a way of responsibility towards individual.

Life Skill Development Education in Schools

These life skills must be made compulsory in education as without learning these skills, children can struggle when it comes about real-world responsibilities. Therefore, it becomes necessary that schools provide their students with these varieties of basic mental, social & physical skills to form them ready for leading a much better after-school life.

Important life skills to be developed in school are as follows:

  1. Collaboration across networks
  2. Finding new ways of problem-solving ability with Critical thinking.
  3. Imagination & Curiosity
  4. Agility & Adaptability
  5. Initiative & Entrepreneurialism
  6. Oral & written effective communication
  7. Accessing & analyzing information
  8. Potential to steer by influence

Schools in India, at large, adopt an academic-centric model of Education. For the foremost a part of schools, the training process is confined only to classrooms. In fact, this process is more about gaining facts & less about learning. Giving them some options at the onset of teenage gives them  the possibility to explore & learn more things beyond their textbooks & whatever is taught in classrooms. Skills like team-spirit, inquisitiveness, creativity, trustworthiness, sympathy, co- ordination, assertiveness and far more comes with life skill activities. It is thus a process which

helped children to create a stronger foundation for a thriving future on the tutorial yet as at the professional front. IndusValley International School, the best school in Hyderabad Telangana has adopted the skill development learning model.

The Importance of Life Skills

In a constantly changing environment, having life skills may be a basic a part of having the ability to deal with the difficulties of standard day to day existences. The dramatic changes in global worldwide economies over the course of the recent five years are coordinated with the change in innovation technology.

Vocational & life skills must be encouraged. These factors are the rationale that developing countries like India should invest in skill development for youth with proper education.

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