Should Co-Curricular activities have the same emphasis as academics ?

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Co-curricular activities – co-curricular activities have a great importance with time & acquire a
significant impact along with curriculum academics. There is a scope to balance two domains to
ensure a holistic learning experience of every individual.

Extra curricular activities help them to develop their skills & attitude. It shapes the overall
development of every individual to shape their overall personality. Some believe that emphasis
on extracurricular activities is taking away the chance to gain education. Starting at an early age
on their interests gives an opportunity to polish the skills & their perfection. Giving opportunities
to find the best of academics & extra curricular activities helps in bringing the best out of them.
This helps students to develop problem-solving skills,creative thinking,communication skills &
collaborative abilities. Participation in co curricular activities helps them in emotional
development & overall personality development. When theoretical curriculum & co-curricular
activities are integrated then have a chance of exploring more strengths & abilities higher. The
importance of co-curricular activities cannot be denied in holistic development. School activities
should be designed to create a chance for all-round development. They are not only meant for
compliment academics they also provide career choices in their passion to make a successful

Some of the essential skills developed by extra curricular activities are –

1.Logical & analytical thinkingCritical thinking

2.Problem solving skills

3.Communication skills

4.Technical skills

5.Social values

6.Ethical values

7.Leadership skills

Children’s abilities extend beyond textbooks & classrooms. Some of the skills are developed in
children during their childhood & ignore their growth in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular
activities aid in experiential learning of subjects taught. Importance of experiential learning in
young minds that always believed in. Some of the lessons learnt in classrooms are understood
by co-curricular activities. Participating in co-curricular activities helps them to boost their
academic performance.

By curricular activities hormones in the body induce relaxation,calmness & happiness in young
minds. They aim to empower the strength & confidence to carve their future paths based on
their abilities. Every activity in school plays an important role in their development. Co-curricular
are designed & balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond
subjects. Students have to be part of co-curricular activities like yoga,meditation,indoor games
which are beneficial for students physical fitness & mental health which relieves them from
academic stress.

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