15 Indoor Games For Your Child

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Kids are stuck inside to play. There are tons of other reasons why outdoor play may not be an option. Many times we prioritize & play with children.

1. Sticky note wall bop – Attach sticky notes for a door & write a different letter on each other. Make a start line a feet away from the door. Have your child stand behind it with a softball of rolled-up socks. Instruct them to throw objects to try & hit the letters with more advanced aim & spelling skills can try & hit all the letters in specific words.

2.Ping pong ball catch – get out those plastic red solo cups & few ping pong balls. Have your kids toss the ball to a partner & try to catch in the cup. Start out close together & then keep taking a step backward to increase the challenge.

3.Alligator alley – One of the favourite indoor games. Simply scatter some islands or boats. They have your kids jump from one to the next without falling into water & risk being eaten by an alligator. Bonus point if alligator & chomps after them when they stumble.

4.Crab walk – teach your child how to do crab walk,then see how fast they can scurry across the room. Having races with siblings & then increasing the level of difficulty by having balanced a stuffed animal on their stomach. They have to scramble back to the beginning & start again.

5.Indoor croquet – make your own indoor coquet using paper rolls of construction paper. Amp up the activity by writing active tasks on each tunnel that needs to be completed once your ball makes it through like 15 jumping jacks as fast as up & down the stairs times.Solve Clues on a Treasure Hunt

6.Solve Clues on a Treasure Hunt- Behaviour becomes a problem when kids are stuck inside without much to do. Get them focused by setting them up an easy treasure hunt around the home. Older children can follow written clues, but for little ones who can’t read, you can simply take a photo of the next place they have to find. Once they are finished, let them see if they can set a hunt for you too.

7.Scavenger hunt – Staying on the same theme,create a scavenger hunt that will see them heading all over the house on their quest to find the objects you have asked. Items such as green socks are simply yet effective.

8.Attempt to pompom challenge – One of our favorite indoor games for kids is this sneakily challenging game. Stick down some lines on the floor using masking tape & some straws. If they can blow the pompom along the line. If little ones are getting frustrated, it can be best to make a wider track of two strips of masking tape.

9.Indoor bowling – create a simple bowling alley in your home & have fun. This game is ideal for hand-eye coordination in children. Create flat floor space to play. Provide them empty bottles. Buy a tennis ball & tape. Mark your place by marker & spray a paint of non-toxic. Give your child access to various puzzles that can be both engaging & educational.

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