10 Things to Consider on How to Choose the Best School for your Kid

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As parents, providing quality education to the kids remains a top priority. With the rapidly growing number of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools all around us, how does one choose the one that most closely fits the particular needs of your child?

There are many important factors that require to be considered to settle on a Best CBSE School in Hyderabad for your child.

1. Proximity

It is always advisable to first staring at the most nearest available schools to your home of residence. This becomes necessary from a security perspective and to stop your child from suffering the repeated discomfort of an extended journey to and from his/her school daily.

2. Academic & Extra-Curricular Activities.

What a toddler learns and experiences in his/her early life stays with them always. Ensuring the school meets the very best standards of excellence in terms of its teachers, teaching methodology, academic curriculum and moral standards should be your biggest priority. Extra-curricular activities like outdoor games, team sports, art & craft, hobby ideas, dance & drama classes also play a large part in shaping a child’s overall personality

Hence the existence of the right facilities and trained staff to facilitate this aspect of your child’s education is equally important.

3. Teacher-to-Student Ratio.

Would you instead send your child to a school which allows 60 students per class or one that limits the amount of scholars per class to a manageable 20 kids?

Obviously, you’d prefer the latter option since fewer students per class would allow the teacher the freedom of giving individual attention to every one among her students – thereby optimising the student’s learning capabilities.

4. Hygiene/Clean Environment.

When it involves kids, a clean and hygienic school environment could be a massive priority. As a parent, you would want to understand if this can be actually the case or not. Also is the varsity adequately equipped with a medical bay and staff just in case of a medical emergency with a child?

5. Discipline.

This factor has assumed added significance today in light of the very fact that we see so little of it among kids nowadays. Choosing a school with a high level of discipline is vital to ensure your child imbibes the correct values and takes responsibility for his/her actions. Many studies have shown that a stressful school environment can cause a decline within the understanding and learning capability of children.

In Conclusion

While the standard of education remains the foremost important criteria, the chance to develop your child’s creative, physical and social skills is additionally a key attribute that must lean equal importance. Join Indus valley International School, the Best CBSE School in Hyderabad, Telangana.

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